why work with vincenz?

A technical generalist with drive for solving hard problems and giving your team the credit

Software production development

Responsible for buildup of 4 different web applications at two different startups. Knowledgeable in a wide variety of software tooling across the full stack.

Strong knowledge of power sector

Experience in varieties of engineering functions within the energy sector at firms like Tesla Energy, SolarCity and Arcadis. Led efforts in LatAm and the US.

Fundraising, startup or project

Successfully raised capital three times at my former startup and focused on building a knowledge base in energy project capital raising since 2017.

Multilingual and national

Fluent in Spanish in addition to English. Through my German nationality I can work in the Schengen Zone and am very comfortable with cross-border business travel and teamwork.

Strong communication skillsets

No matter where your team is located, communication can be handled seamlessly both through effective communication management but also modern web productivity tools and techniques I have extended experience with.

Focused on simplifying complex functions

Let's drive right into the belly of the beast, understand existing assumptions and challenge them to get started. From there, we can build upwards with the strategy that will most effectively resolve you and your customer's issues.


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