about me

What drove me to set up this space?

My desire is for people to understand the deeper down principals of topics that have important effects on most of our lives. In today's world, as people we're effected by things that both are often controlled and caused by humans but also difficult for people to understand. There's a responsibility for people, as they dive into topics, to leave behind them their understanding of the topic for the benefit of others with their own curiosity and interest for the subject. Some topics I'd like to explore in this space:

  • The energy transition: What's going on with the shift over to sustainable methods of generating electricity from the traditional methods with excessive externalities.
  • Electric grid marketplaces: How the design and use of the marketplaces of energy effects how the entities involved behave and what the possible outcomes are.
  • Web3 and decentralization: The convergence of economic mechanism design and encryption technology is delivering potential solutions to some of our greatest issues.

Besides these central topics, I'd like to occasionally add articles more intimately personal such as nutrition, PKMs, food and cuisine, and certain topics that arise from what I've been reading.

Professionally speaking, sustainable energy has been at the center of my focus ever since I read the science on climate change. In this space, I will continue making it my focus with a walk-through of the necessity for this transition based on the current scientific understanding. I'll also discuss how it's going, how professionals in the industry see it, and what the greatest challenges to and possible upsides are of the success of this transition.

Electric grid marketplaces are where the rubber hits the road when it comes to onboarding new generation and storage resources that are acting to remove polluting and expensive resources. These marketplaces are controlled by certain entities and influenced by others, as well. I will walk through my understanding of this area to flesh out what's going on and what professionals think will happen to this.

At the time of writing this, the Web3 space, in my view, is as much in shambles as it has ever been. 2022 was a year of major scams falling over on top of retail investors. However, my view on Web3 remains the same: the technology and developed concepts of the industry hold some of the deepest promise to humanity to solve our problems. Combating our societal and inter-personal issues with trust and coordination could help generate a fantastic future for people if done correctly.